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@GoldMills is hosting the Boost Seminar October 22-24. See the speaker lineup (will I see you there?) [link]

I am going to Jeff Mills Boost Seminar this year October 22-24… Are you? See who is speaking [link]

All my friends are speaking at the Boost Seminar, October 22-24, to see the topics, take a look at [link]

Making money online is about meeting people offline. You should attend this event in March! [link]

Will I be seeing you here? [link]

Is anyone going to the Boost Seminar this year? @Goldmills has a Great speaker lineup [link]

@GoldMills – Can’t wait to meet you at the Boost Seminar. October 22nd can’t come soon enough! [link]

The best way to make JV partnerships is to meet in person. Meet TONS of JV’s at the Boost Seminar [link]

Check this out! @GoldMills’ Boost Seminar is coming! [link]

TOP Internet Marketing conference October 22-24th – Minneapolis, MN … don’t want to miss out on it [link]

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Emails and Blog Posts

Subject Line: Watch this quick video



Just a quick email to ask you to view this short video. If you need to make some more money with your internet business or want to start a successful money making internet business, then you need to watch the video at this site:




Subject line: Need a BOOST?


How would you like to ensure you get a financial boost that will absolutely help you grow your income, build a giant email list and boost your marketing skills in 2010 and beyond to sustain you with multiple streams of RESIDUAL INCOME!

So the big question becomes – How do you get that BOOST that you’ve so desperately been searching for?

Well, here’s the Solution:


There are the usual ways of getting a Business BOOST: Google Buzz, Twitter, forums, Skype, etc. but all of those fail in comparison to talking to potential JV partners face to face and really getting to know them (having a beer while you talk is optional). Yes, we will cover these other Business BOOSTers while we’re here, but you’ve got to be where the action is.

The connection and trust that can be formed so quickly in person would take you months, if not years, to achieve in any online medium… Not to mention that online, most big names are busy people and have “gate keepers” to handle most of their email and phone calls. It’s practically impossible to send someone a friendly ‘hello’ anymore. Usually, they go unanswered.

But there is a way around this dilemma. It gets you past the gate keepers and gets yourself noticed and that how big deals and friendships are started.

(You do want to show them you’re the genuine article and someone worth doing business with, right?)

So what’s the secret? What do other successful people do?


Call them conferences, call them seminars, call them whatever you want… But they are, hands down, the best way to connect with anyone in this game and make them friendly to your cause.

You’ll have big name players, that you have been dying to meet, sitting right next you with no one to “forget” to mention you called.

It can be the chance of a lifetime and is the real “secret” behind internet marketing deal making.

To get yourself started, I recommend a conference that is right around the corner. It’s called the Boost Seminar and this year it’s running October 22nd – 24th, 2010.

It’s the premier event in the USA and is going to be jam packed with incredible speakers, VIPs and potential JV partners for you to make lucrative connections with.

To find out more click on the link below:

[put your affiliate link here]


Subject : The big secret to marketing online is going offline…


If you think it’s hard to make money online, I’ve got a secret for you… It’s not.


But before you close this window and write this off as another one of “those” messages… Hear me out, and find out about Scott.

All you really need to do to succeed online is to get hooked up with people as big, or a little bigger, than you and start killing it!

Scott figured it out some how.

Scott was a complete nobody on the internet. He was wondering around aimlessly from ebook to ebook with Shiny Object Syndrome (S.O.S.) trying to figure things out. Unfortunately, that “method” never really panned out for Scott, and no notable success came out of it.

That is until he happened upon a post for a local internet marketers meet up group. And I’m using the term “local” very liberally here, Scott had to drive nearly 1 hour to make these Meet ups… But he so much wanted to meet and learn from other people who were successfully doing what he wanted to be doing he decided it was worth the trip.

And it paid off.

Through the people he met there, he met other people who introduced him to even more people, and before he knew it, Scott had a network of people he could ask for help and “mastermind” with.

To this day it’s only been about 5 months since that first meet up, but Scott has already proven himself as an up-and-coming superstar and is working with a high profile marketers and had made many bigger deals and connection going to events.

…But enough about Scott. What about you? Where can you meet other like-minded people who can help your business grow, even if you don’t have a local meet up group?

Simple. Go to a Conference.

Conferences and after hours bar room conversations have probably produced more million dollar deals than any other medium.

The cool thing about the seminar arena is that – not only will you meet people, but you’ll know they are real players because, like you, they shelled out the money for hotel and flight to be there.

Want to boost your business to the next level?

Just like what happened to Scott?

Go to a seminar and there happens to be an event coming up called the Boost Seminar, where you can meet hundreds of potential JV’s and hear phenomenal speakers. All you’ve got to do is get there.

Find out more information about the Boost Seminar:

[affiliate link]

Subject : The secret to making money on the internet is to get off of it (read that again)…


It’s true. It you want to make money ON the internet, you need to get OFF it.


What do I mean by that?

Look, its because of coaching and mentoring that people become successful online. You cannot just “figure it out” on your own. That takes forever, plus you make too many mistakes with your time and money and before long, you’ve lost your shirt.

But, when you go to large internet marketing conferences and seminars, you meet the players & the movers and shakers and people escalate their learning curves into vertical straight lines. (a much quicker method for success)

So, you need to get OFF the internet and go offline to make more money ONLINE, by connecting with people who will be speaking and attending events.

One event coming up, which you should not miss, is Jeff Mills’ Boost Seminar.

One attendee at Jeff’s recent event was able to show how Jeff’s conference increased his income over $60,000, just by meeting people at the event!

You can stay home, choose to keep doing what you are doing (probably failing), or get up and get OUT and experience this event.

Everyone’s coming.. how about you? All the big name and the *new generation with cool tricks and techniques.


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